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Guangzhou Henghui Sports Facilities Co., Ltd. specializes in producing plastic track, stadium and other sports materials. The factory was established seven years, the factory is conveniently located in the northern gate of Guangzhou - Guangzhou Huadu, covering 20 acres. Hang Fai to win high quality, service to win, production of high-quality plastic floor covering materials to good leveling, high physical performance, environmental protection and good known. Our aim: good service for each customer is our eternal pursuit of the goal, to provide program planning, material supply, construction of a one-stop professional services to assist. We have 10 years of production and construction experience, years of service in various well-known manufacturers, is the Asian material suppliers. Through years of hard work, renowned in the industry, has been the new and old customers for their support and love.

        Hang Fai sports dedicated to providing raw materials wholesale, sports facilities, project planning, technical construction, maintenance and other services for all types of leisure venues. Construction: plastic runway, silicon PU stadium, acrylic courts, artificial turf football field, EPDM court, nursery safety mats, outdoor fitness trails, children's games such as.

        We are a positive, optimistic, innovative and hard work of the enterprises in the increasingly competitive environment of social and self-reliance in the future on the road, and strive to build a high-quality, high goals, high pursuit of the professional services team.

        We have the spirit of "green" production concept and years of practical experience, is committed to the country to build a green sports venues and perseverance, and customers to create brilliant!


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